Hasselback Potatoes

Today Sharing The Food We Love has given us another way to roast your potatoes and turn up the deliciousness!

Sharing The Food We Love

Hasselback Potatoes

I’m not quite sure why the potato got lumped with a title like humble.   It is such a wonderful vegetable that is so versatile and it is rare that you meet someone who would not want to eat one.

For us, potato is king, we love it anyway that we can get it, but in particular this way of preparing them is one of our favourites.    So for dinner recently when I had my parents over for a roast I thought rather than asking my other half to work his magic in the potato department I would try my own version (read Tessa Kiros’) of Hasselback potatoes.

The result?  A smashing success!  We loved the crisp exterior that still allowed for a creamy base.  We decided that we don’t think we need the butter next time and for the number of potatoes the recipe asks for far too much oil…

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