Swedish Potato Gratin aka Janssons Frestelse

Another contribution to this months The Cookbook Guru, this time with a recipe inspired by the book but created using a Swedish recipe instead of Tessa’s Finnish version.

Sharing The Food We Love

Janssons Frastelse

Potato bake is a great comfort food, particularly in the winter months of the year when you want something to warm you up from the inside.   Whilst it’s not winter here  we’ve managed to get a break in the heatwave of earlier on in the month which has made it acceptable for me to attempt to cook a few things in the oven without overheating ourselves.

Whilst this is another contribution for me to The Cookbook Guru, this particular recipe is actually inspired by rather than faithfully followed from the book as Tessa’s is a Finnish version from her grandmother and I wanted to make the Swedish version that I remembered from many years ago.

It turns out that my memories of this dish perhaps overshadowed the reality of my change in diet and tastes.  I found it to be incredibly rich and creamy.  The potatoes remained firm (this…

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