Falling Cloudberries: The Roundup for January

This month has been all about Falling Cloudberries.  If the comments are anything to go by it is a much loved book by an author that people are massive fans of.

Tessa Kiros has a casual style that allows you to feel like you are on a food journey with her down memory lane in Falling Cloudberries. The combination of Scandinavian, Cypriot & South African flavours are not out of place with each other when you see the relation of earthy home style cooking using ingredients ready to hand in those cultures.

My criticism over all was the addition of some random recipes called the global suitcase.  For me this almost lent itself to another book rather than being a part of Kiros’ family heritage.  Having owned the book for a number of years and flipped through the pages many times it was a surprise recently to discover this section. The recipes themselves haven’t been something that have grabbed me like the rest of the book.

My other challenge as I started cooking was the inclusion of so much fat.  Be it olive oil or butter the resulting dishes seemed like they would have been equally as successful with half the amount.  Whilst it won’t stop me from cooking from the book and it is something I will keep in mind for future recipes that I try out.

For me the joy of this book was the inspiration it created to delve into recipes of my past, the memories it sparked and the reflection it created of the importance of food as a part of the family culture regardless of where you are from & what you eat.

From the experiences of our other contributors this month, the recipes have been inspiring, but ultimately there has been many adaptations to suit our palates and flavours as we go.  There has been some beautiful rustic and very visually appealing meals created well worth trying yourself if you haven’t already.  Thank you so much to all our contributors for January.  You have created some beautiful and delicious looking food for this months book club.

Here is a complete list of what we’ve created this month at The Cookbook Guru from Tessa Kiros’ Falling Cloudberries.

lemon soup2


lamb with onion, ginger and corriander

Lamb with Onion, Ginger and Coriander Relish


Lamb Souvlaki with Homemade Tzatzkiki & Pita Bread


Dolmades, made with Tessa Kiros’ recipe and then Lady Red Specs own recipe


Hasselback Potatoes


Tava (Cypriot Lamb)


Janssons Temptation


Baked Butter Beans

Baked Butter Beans

What was your favourite recipe from this month?  What is still on your list to make?

Can’t wait to see what comes out of your kitchen in February with our new book.

Happy Cooking,

Leah and all the members of The Cookbook Guru