Chicken with Lemongrass

Feel like chicken for dinner? Try out this great contribution from Glenda for this month’s Cook Book Guru with her Vietnamese Chicken with Lemongrass.

Passion Fruit Garden


This is another recipe from Charmaine Solomon’s The Complete Asian Cookbook which is this month’s feature cookbook on The Cook Book Guru.  It is a recipe I make regularly.  The only reason it has not featured on Passion Fruit Garden before is that the photos I have taken of the dish have left a lot to be desired.  I am not particularly enamoured with the head photo but …. 

This recipe is from the Vietnamese chapter of Charmaine’s book.

Now, before we start, I need to advise that I have modified the recipe somewhat.  The recipe calls for a whole chicken, cut into Chinese-style pieces, to be marinated in the lemongrass, spring onion, salt and pepper and then cooked in a wok.  But this just doesn’t work for me.  I find that by the time the chicken pieces are cooked, the lemongrass and spring onions are burnt.  I also don’t find the wings and drumsticks work as part…

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