Charmaine Solomon’s Corn Fritters- Pergedel Jagung

It is amazing how many memories are being sparked by this book and the creations it is spouting along the way. Francesca from Almost Italian has contributed some spectacular looking corn cakes as part of her conversation on this month’s cook book. I have to say that the curry looks pretty delicious too and I wonder if she’d be up for sharing that recipe too? 🙂
I hope your all enjoying this month’s contributions to The Cook Book Guru as much as I am.


I have recently renewed my passion for Indonesian cooking after returning from a two week journey through West Java and Sumatra where I spent the whole time eating! Travelling with Barnadi, a native speaker and chef, made it  so much easier to access all sorts of fabulous street food, particularly in the cool highlands of Puncak, and the quiet town of Cipanas, as well as tasty Sundanese banquets on the way. During my five-day cooking class with Barnadi, chef  and proprietor of the once famous Djakarta restaurant in Melbourne, I learnt a great deal. His recipes were gleaned from his mother as he grew up in Jakarta. I intend to explore these recipes in my blog over the next month.


Corn fritters are a favourite street treat, often eaten as an afternoon snack or as part of an Indonesian banquet. I tried many versions of this popular snack, including Barnardi’s…

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