Burmese Pork Curry (Wetha See Byan)

Another curry contribution from me, this time in the form of a Burmese Pork Curry…a bit sour but so simple to make. I’m loving our curry month and have been very inspired by how easy it really is to create such sensational tasting food so easily. I hope you’ve found it equally as inspiring.

Sharing The Food We Love


The Cook Book Guru book choice for this month has been particularly inspiring for me.  I’ve found myself breaking out the spices like they are going out of fashion, and realising that it really isn’t difficult or time consuming to make curry, you really just have to have a few main ingredients in the cupboard.

So far I know we have a couple of winners on our hands that we will keep going back to including the Egg Curry and a remake of the potato and pea curry that was published on Please Pass The Recipe.

This pork curry was perhaps a little bit different to what we expected but was no less enjoyable.  The recipe is Burmese and the flavours were earthy and quite sour tasting, very different from what we know from Indian and Thai spices.  I’m not sure we’d go making this one every night of the…

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