Baked Plum and Almond Cake

A little treat to start your Thursday morning. Not from Karen Martini’s Cooking At Home but inspired by us focussing on her I thought I’d try this recipe from her website. If you’re not a massive cake fan but don’t mind a bit occassionally then this might be the cake for you…not too sweet, not laden with cream or sugar its a delicious balance of fruit and a firm almond cake.
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Baked Plum and Almond Cake

Spending this month browsing and contemplating recipes from Karen Martini’s Cooking At Home for The Cookbook Guru has got me going off on all kinds of tangents.  Her food is really quite fragrant, easy to produce and very flavourful.  This cake had me at almonds and baked plums but what really got me was the taste.  As far as cake goes it’s actually not very sweet which is awesome.  For me its reminiscent of an Italian baked cheesecake, savoury but just sweet enough to be a treat. My kind of dessert!

There is a process to this cake but whilst it takes time it really isn’t complicated and the end result makes its worth it. Roasting the fruit intensifies the flavour as well as releasing some of the liquid so that you don’t end up with soggy cake.   The thicker batter with the almond meal is solid and slightly…

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