We have a beautiful contribution here to The Cookbook Guru from our newest member: My Kitchen Witch. Read all about the traditions behind this delicious Tarama and also get a beautiful assessment of the recipe too.


An Evolving Life

One of the foods I associate most with Greek Lent is taramasalata, a cod’s roe dip. Taramasalata traditionally features on the table for “Clean Monday” (Καθαρά Δευτέρα, the Monday before Lent) along with the flat, sesame studded lagana bread. But, it has become one of those mezze (“little nibbles”) that is popular at any time, not just for Lent.


It’s always a treat when I find smoked cod’s roe (tarama), in the market. When made into a dip called taramasalata, it is transformed into a luscious thick pink purée of roe whipped up with olive oil and lemon juice, traditionally thickened with either bread or mashed potato. Taramasalata is not only traditional in Greece, but also in Turkey, other places in the Middle East and I’ve even seen recipes for Bulgarian taramasalata.

I’ve modified a recipe set out in Claudia Roden’s The New Book of…

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