My Kitchen Witch has contributed another feast for us from this month’s book, The New Cookbook of Middle Eastern Food. I can only imagine if we had Lady Red Specs and My Kitchen Witch in the same kitchen with their love of this book would create a Middle Eastern Feast worthy of a Sultan!
Enjoy your read from another wonderful contribution,

An Evolving Life

One is never far from a kebab shop in a University town in Britain. Grilled meat packed pitas are everywhere – so much so that we forget meat (particularly grilled meat) in some cultures was once a food largely reserved for celebrations. Claudia Roden in The New Book of Middle Eastern Food begins her chapter on Meat by saying that meat had always been labelled in Arabic literature and folklore as food of the rich and aristocratic – a mark of status. For the rest of the populous, meat was a special treat reserved for feast days and festivals.

Of course, meat generally meant lamb or mutton…or occasionally kid (goat). This puts me in mind of at least two scenes in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The first scene portrays the “force feeding” of lamb that was roasted on a spit in the suburban front yard to the culture-shocked…

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