Middle Eastern Lamb Meat Pies with Raisins and Pinenuts

A simple and quick spiced lamb meat pie with a Middle Eastern twist from Sharing The Food We Love. Enjoy.


Sharing The Food We Love


I’m still desperately waiting for my delivery of Claudia Roden’s Book of Middle Eastern Food so stand by for a flurry of last minute food posts at the end of this month (I hope).  In the meanwhile I started browsing through my copy of Roden’s Arabesque and couldn’t go past the sound of this delicious meat parcel for us for a week night dinner.  It was so easy to create, not too full on with the flavours so a great option for a fussy eater or perhaps even for a more adventurous children.  Next time I make them I’d be tempted to add a little more spice for it to shine through over the meat, and also perhaps some grated vegetables.  Not authentic I know, but it was very meaty and we are perhaps more vegetable lovers than I realised.  To compensate I served these Boregi with a spinach salad with roasted red…

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