A Tale of Lokum

For those of you who read the introduction at the beginning of the month and wondered what page 496 was that Lady Red Specs challenged me to create well this is it! It seems fitting to round out this month’s cookbook challenge with a sweet that is very much associated with the Middle East. I hope you enjoy reading my adventures of creating Rahat Lokum.
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The time has come for me to attempt this delicious and exotic sweet in my kitchen once again.  Many of you would remember a not so successful attempt that was made at Christmas time to make Turkish Delight (Rahat Lokum).  The weather was perhaps our biggest enemy as the heat and humidity resulted in a mixture that would not set successfully and had the dusting of icing sugar and cornflour which melted the minute that the Turkish Delight was removed from the fridge.  Five months later and the climate has moderated here in Brisbane much to my delight.  A far more baking and sugar cooking friendly environment.

The other challenge that was perhaps not evident until after the fact was the quality of the recipe that we were using.  Whilst it sounded great in theory I found myself a little stressed with the sugar cooking process and the flavour that…

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