Mrs Beeton’s Stewed Rabbit

First recipe for this month’s new Cookbook Guru and we have a beautiful braised rabbit from Glenda at Passion Fruit Garden. A meat perhaps that is a delicacy for most, but really should be a greater part of our diets.
I’m so excited to see the different ingredients that are going to appear in our kitchens this month.

Passion Fruit Garden


This month, The Cook Book Guru is featuring The Book of Household Management by Mrs Isabella Beeton.  Mrs Beeton’s book was first published in 1861.

It is not a book I would normally be clambering to cook from but, as it was being featured this month, I decided to give it a go.  If anyone is interested: a  full PDF copy of the book can be found at  Here is the first half and here is the second half.

Clearly, rabbit was popular in 1861.  There are piles of rabbit recipes and, as rabbit is one of my all-time favourite meats, that is where I headed. I settled on Stewed Rabbit, Larded – though, I must admit, I didn’t lard the rabbit.  I had the right intention.  I went to the study and found my bodkin, thinking it may work but then had second thoughts.  I decided I was being silly…

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