Honey Ginger Semolina Porridge

An adaption of one of Mrs Beeton’s pudding recipes turned into a breakfast dish which is simple to make and tastes great.

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It’s a fresh Autumn morning here in Brisbane.  We’ve had a cold snap sweep through Australia  the weekend just gone with winds blowing up from Antarctica and we’ve not been immune from its effects, even halfway up the country.  Now cold for us is in single digits celsius which might make me sound like a wimp, but when your days are plus 30 and your nights have been in the 20’s for the past 6 months you feel the difference when the temperature drops suddenly.  For me though, the cold snap is welcome.  I’ve been craving winter and all that comes with it.  Warm snuggly jumpers, glasses of red wine, rich comforting meals of casseroles, soups and even porridge for breakfast.

A happy coincidence has meant that we have selected to focus on Mrs Beeton’s Book of Good Housekeeping for this month’s The Cookbook Guru, and with that comes…

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