We all love a bit of Crumpet

A little treat for your Sunday in the form of Mrs Beeton’s Crumpets from Sharing The Food We Love. Enjoy.

Sharing The Food We Love


Crumpet has a two different meanings depending on where you are from.   As a breakfast item, crumpets are something that Australian’s are familiar with for breakfast created by the Golden company.  For me, as a child I loved this sweet yeast cake sometimes served instead of toast for breakfast.  It’s light bubbly appearance and texture meant that you could smear butter and honey or golden syrup onto it and it would soak right through to the crisper base creating a delicious moist and buttery treat.   I was also always a fan of a smear of Vegemite for a salty contrast with the buttery soaked crumpet.

* sourced from tiptop-foodservice.com.au * sourced from tiptop-foodservice.com.au

As an adult I also know it can be used in English slang, although perhaps not so frequently anymore, to refer to an attractive and sexy woman.  Whilst this would make for a very interesting post on my food blog I’m going to be more…

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