Mrs Beeton’s Thick Gingerbread

Recently I created another version of my Great Grandma’s Gingerbread, this time using Mrs Beeton’s recipe. It was a hunt to see if it was the source of her original inspiration. Read all about my experience here.
Enjoy, Leah

Sharing The Food We Love


I had the pleasure of having my parents come up for a visit for Mother’s day.  It was a wonderfully relaxed catchup filled with good wine, good food and great conversation.  It wouldn’t be a visit without us spending some time in the kitchen together and it was a great opportunity to chat about The Cookbook Guru and this month’s book, Mrs Beeton’s Book of Good Housekeeping (also known as Mrs Beeton’s Everyday Cookery).    Mum brought up her 1907 version that had been inherited from her Grandma and we compared it to the 1963 version that I have on loan at the moment.  They are hardly the same book but it is very interesting to see how the book has evolved and the intent and spirit is still true with each version giving advice that is relevant to the era about good housekeeping and creating meals in the home.


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