Lightening the Stodge & A Little History Lesson

The Kitchen Witch has used her magic once again and turned a stodgy pudding into something delicious and comforting for our modern day palates… check out her full post.

Enjoy, Leah

An Evolving Life

While pouring through old editions of Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management – the “Bible” of the Victorian and Edwardian home cook and housekeeper – I was not surprised to see a large number of recipes for steamed puddings, rice puddings, semolina puddings, macaroni puddings, bread puddings. Well, you get the picture – stodgy puddings that had, in the past, given British puddings a bad name. In general, British puddings have moved on beyond “stodge”, but some of these puddings are quintessential comfort foods that are still enjoyed today. I wondered just how I might lighten such a pudding (taking it out of the “stodge” category) for my next contribution to The Cookbook Guru who is reviewing Mrs. Beeton’s book this month.


To be honest, I was initially looking for a recipe that contained currants, and a lot of stodgy puddings contained currants! This was not because I was wedded…

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