Salt To Your Bread



One of the things that facinates me about this month’s book choice is the depth of information and scientific background that Elizabeth David gives us when talking about the different componants of breadmaking.  It is only in reading her book that I’ve started to understand just how magical breadmaking can be and the importance of the little differences in your ingredients to the loaf that you pull from the oven.

In particular was her discussion on the use of salt in breadmaking.  “… early bakers started putting salt in their bread to improve its flavour, then slowly began to appreciate, through observation, that varying aoounts of salf made the dough behave differently and affected the quality as well as the taste of the loaves. ”

So next time you’re adding salt to your dough, think not only of the flavour that it imparts, but also the impact that it’s addition will have to the performance of your yeast and ultimately to the texture of your final loaf.