A Love Affair with French Bread

Create something delicious as a Sunday treat this weekend and exercise your yeast baking skills with these fabulous Pain Au Chocolat from The Kitchen Witch and Elizabeth David.



An Evolving Life

What are French bread recipes doing in a book entitled English Breads and Yeast Cookery? Makes you wonder. Perhaps the editors forgot the full stop: English Breads. And Yeast Cookery? Then the French bread would fall under the generic category Yeast Cookery. Yet, I really don’t think the editors got it wrong. It is a book about English traditional breads – part historical account, part recipes – by Elizabeth David, being reviewed by the blogging cookbook club, The Cookbook Guru this month.

According to Elizabeth David, the English have had a love affair with French bread since the 13th century. Perhaps that statement justified her inclusion of French bread in this book? Or, perhaps she couldn’t help herself? After all, it was Elizabeth David who introduced a myriad of colorful Mediterranean and Continental cuisines to a rather bland post-WWII British food scene. Surely, she wouldn’t be…

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