My Daily Bread…and some Scots Baps

Dig in to this post on breadbaking and the delights of creating Scots Baps.
Enjoy, Leah

Sharing The Food We Love

Scots Baps Scots Baps

Is there anything quite like the smell of bread baking? For me it rates up there with freshly ground coffee, just cut grass, fresh sheets from drying on the washing line and the smell of a weather breaking storm as the rain hits the earth after a hot summers day. Energising and uplifting and comforting all at the same time.

For me bread making has been a challenge I have taken to a few times in my life.  Each time I’ve gone through my baking phases I’ve read up more about the techniques, talked to people about it and attempted to improve my end results.   I think I’ve been quite slack about how I’ve gone gathering this information though and I’m still inevitably disappointed with the loaves I produce. Mind you the last time that I gave it a serious effort would be going on seven or eight…

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