Pumpkin Bread

It seems appropriate to share this amusing tale of pumpkin bread on a fabulous Friday. Our experiences of Elizabeth David’s English Bread and Yeast Cookery is highlighting it’s age, how our tastes have evolved and the methods we now use in our cooking have changed with some entertaining results. Make sure you give yourself a chuckle and check out Glenda’s post from Passion Fruit Garden.


Passion Fruit Garden


Who can resist instructions like these in a cook book?

Slice a pompion, and boil it in fair water, till the water grows clammy, or somewhat thick; then strain it through a fine cloth, or sieve, and with this make your Bread, well kneading the dough; and it will not only increase the quantity of it, but make it keep moist and sweet a month longer than Bread wetted with fair water only.

The instructions were featured in The Family Magazine, London, 1741 and reproduced by Elizabeth David in English Bread and Yeast Cookery, this month’s feature cookbook from The Cook Book Guru .

I certainly can’t resist temptation!  I bought a pumpkin … and I peeled it…and I chopped it up… and I boiled it… and boiled it… and boiled it … I boiled the shit out of that pumpkin until it was mere mush and still the water was not…

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