A Bloomer Loaf or Wholemeal Loaf.

For us in the southern hemisphere bread is the perfect thing to be making at the moment. The cooler weather lends itself to being happy with the oven on to warm the kitchen and the delicious results are perfect with a bowl of warming soup or to soak up the gravy from a good casserole.
Enjoy this post from Lona at Lona’s in the Kitchen.

Lona's in the kitchen


It was wonderful going for a walk this morning with my sister. The sun was warm but the air had a chill in it. Winter is most definitely here.
Time for warm comfort foods like soups and casseroles and roasts. I had some beef spare ribs in the freezer and today called for a casserole with the ribs and lots of carrots and onions and mushrooms.
The perfect accompaniment to this dish is fresh made bread. Yum.
Elizabeth David’s book English Bread and Yeast Cookery is The Cookbook Guru‘s book of the month. How handy is that?
While the casserole is cooking away in the oven, warming up the the house – ahhh,  I set about looking for a recipe from the book for a simple loaf.
Well the recipe in the book includes lots of information and a few extra steps that could make the reader think “this…

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