Braised Peas

A Sunday roast calls out for delicious vegetables to accompany it and these braised peas are a wonderful new way to mix up your options. Simple to make and very different and tasty.
Check them out,

Sharing The Food We Love


This month we are cooking from Neil Perry’s The Food I Love and I have to be honest and admit that I’ve owned this book for years and I’m yet to properly cook from it.  The Cookbook Guru has given me the perfect excuse to delve in and create some of his beautiful food that is very much focused on the quality of the ingredients and the recipes designed to highlight their texture and flavour.

For me starting with peas and a roast lamb seemed to be something almost so simple I wasn’t sure that I should be blogging about it.  Turns out that the flavours were great though and the small changes in technique that I picked up created something delicious and familiar in a whole new way.  The roast lamb is a whole other post but for now I want to talk about the peas.

I am fortunate…

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