The Cookbook Guru for August: Your Bookshelf

The Cookbook Guru for August was originally planned to be Alice Water’s Chez Panisse.  Due to a few unexpected circumstances at my end we are going to be putting Chez Panisse on a rain check for a few months and change the theme of August’s focus.  After a steady diet for the past 7 month’s of classic and interesting books I thought it was time to change the pace for ourselves for a little bit. We’ll get back into the pre-selected list again in September.  My apologies for anyone poised on the post button with your first contributions from this pre-nominated book.  Feel free to add it to this month’s selection as part of the new and different theme for August.

The basis of the concept of The Cookbook Guru was always about exploring our bookshelves and delving into the cook books we have there that maybe a little neglected and needing to see the light of day.  Whilst I have a mixed bag of a collection I know that the other regular contributors to The Cookbook Guru equally have burgeoning shelves with many treasures that would be worth sharing.  So this month is all about picking a book (or books if you’re game), be it your food splattered favourite, your long lost treasure, or perhaps a new acquisition to the family, and sharing it with us all.

As part of your post make sure you give us your best pitch as to why your book should be a future part of our book club and in the beginning of September we’ll do a round-up and get everyone to vote on the favourites to come back and visit in more detail in 2015.  A great way to expand all of our repertoires and share out favourite foods with each other.  I can’t wait to see what you all bring to the table.

If this is your first encounter with The Cookbook Guru, make sure you check out our how to participate page here, and we’d love you to join in the fun.  It’s all about sharing idea’s, exploring new and interesting recipes and getting to expand our foodie experiences.

I also should let you know that I’ll be offline travelling for the second half of the month with only limited access to the internet.  I will endeavor to get to your posts and share throughout this time, however there may be a slight delay depending on my access.  Apologies for this in advance and I can’t wait to share some of the culinary delights I discover in Thailand and Singapore with you all when I get back.

Happy Cooking Everyone,