Chicken with dried apricots and pinenuts

A beautiful exotic contribution from Glenda at The Passion Fruit Garden in the form of Apricot Chicken from Paula Wolfert’s The Food of Morocco… make sure you check out this delicious looking nomination.
Enjoy, Leah

Passion Fruit Garden


Alas, I forgot the pine nuts! Oh! Well, I will remember them tonight when we have the leftovers.

This month, the Cookbook Guru has asked members to pitch for a book or books to be featured.  I have decided to pitch for The Food of Morocco by Paula Wolfert (a winner of the James Beard Award – the “Oscars” of the cookbook world).

Paula Wolfert is an acclaimed American cookbook author who specialises in Mediterranean cooking.  TheFood of Morocco is her latest book and it is fabulous.  It is an expanded version of her 1973 book ,Couscous and Other Good Food from Morocco, a book which is still in print after 40 years.  You only have to google Paula Wolfert’s name to become instantly aware of the high regard in which she is held in the culinary world.  She is the author of nine books and the winner of numerous cookbook…

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