Food Philosophy of Simplicity

A beautiful and simple pasta in the form of cucina povera from My Kitchen Witch to share with you all. Nominating anything to do with simple, tasty mediterranean food that focus’ on flavour is sure to be a winner with everyone I’m sure.
Enjoy, Leah

An Evolving Life

They say one can get an insight into someone by looking at their book collection. In this particular case I’m thinking of my cookbook collection. The books cannot hid the fact that my kind of food is economical and simple – the kind where the few, seasonally fresh, ingredients speak for themselves. It is also not difficult to discover that I am a big fan of anything Mediterranean. So, when the cookbook club, The Cookbook Guru, issued a request for nominations of books for their 2015 list among our own cookbook collections, it was fairly certain I would pick something that fit the simple and the Mediterranean profile.

Of the numerous Italian cookbooks on my shelves, I find myself continually returning to the River Cafe books by Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers. The food philosophy they infused into their London restaurant is reflected in their numerous cookbooks (and spin-off…

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