My Italian Baking Bible.

Francesca at Almost Italian has nominated this little gem for is for the cookbook guru list. I’ll admit to it already being on my Wishlist from discussions we had during our baking month with Elizabeth David. I’m looking forward to exploring this book more in the future. Make sure you check out why it will be worth our attention.

Enjoy, Leah


Ciabbats cool. They don't last long in this house. Two  Ciabatte cool. They don’t last long in this house. Trying to capture that slipper look.

There is one cookbook that keeps finding its way back to the kitchen bench, the big table, and the couch. Sometimes it likes to come to bed too. The Italian Baker by Carol Field is definitely my favourite cookbook, or perhaps I should say, book!  It is a bible and just a joy to read. I am suggesting to Leah that this inspirational book should become her Book of the Month for the Cookbook Guru.

Prawn Pizza Prawn Pizza

Why do I love this book so much? Let me recount the ways.

  • It is well researched. Field spent more than two years travelling throughout Italy to capture regional and local specialties.
  • The opening chapters discuss bread making in Italy, ingredients, equipment and techniques. The discussion on flour is very informative.
  • The recipes include traditional breads, festive breads, torte…

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