The Cookbook Guru for September: Marcella Hazan’s The Classic Italian Cookbook

AAEK001144This month The Cookbook Guru is travelling to Italy… well our taste buds are, as we learn how to cook authentic Italian delights from a woman who is considered to be responsible with introducing real Italian cooking to the USA; Marcella Hazan.  Hazan spent close to 40 years,  in both her cooking school and through her books, teaching the delights of Italian cooking to a broad audience in both the USA and UK and was considered to be an authority on Italian Cuisine.  Her recipes focused on the importance of seasonal and well flavoured ingredients to create simple, but delicious food.  She believed in cooking by hand, and using the stove top primarily, as it engages the cook with the food and flavours more than use of a machine could come close to. I hope we find her recipes as engaging as her cooking philosophy.

So officially the book of the month is The Classic Italian Cookbook.  If you are not able to obtain a copy of this book there is a multitude of recipes online from bloggers and more official websites, including recipes published by Hazan herself, which should help to get you involved in this month’s cooking.

The best I’ve found is:

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ps. For anyone based in Brisbane, this book is available as a digital download to borrow from the Brisbane City Council Library for free.