Braised Fennel

I’m sharing my first of what I hope is many contributions to this month’s Cookbook Guru with a simple and delicious braised fennel.

Sharing The Food We Love


There is something special about finding yourself a home where you form a good relationship with your neighbours.  Most of my living experiences have consisted of perhaps knowing faces to greet as you go past, but would hardly qualify as people who I would borrow a cup of sugar from, let alone sit down to share a meal with.  Where we live now has changed that for me.  A lovely couple of a similar age to us live next door and it is quite a frequent occasion that we end up on each others doorstep with a bottle of wine in hand, extra food that we’ve been cooking to be shared, or perhaps an invitation to join in for dinner.  It’s the stuff good community is made of.

Recently we got together last minute for a dinner of roast pork.  Now I’m quite open about not being great when it…

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