Genoa, Anchovies & Potatoes

Sometimes the simplest of ideas can result in the best foodie outcomes and this Genoa Anchovie and Potatoes are a great example. If you’re a potato lover then this is a recipe for you!

An Evolving Life

After arriving home from Italy, I was a happy to learn that this month’s cookbook under review by The Cookbook Guru is The Classic Italian Cookbook by Marcella Hazan. All I can say is you can never have too much Italian food!

Although I’ve owned this cookbook for a good many years, I’ve rarely cooked from it. I tend to “mine” my copy for ideas from time to time when my other Italian cookbooks fail to inspire (and that, in itself, is a rare occurrence). However, when Leah posted on Marcella Hazan’s Braised Fennel, it looked so good that I thought the chapter on vegetables deserved a more serious look. Imagine my surprise when I ran across what looked like an Italian version from the Genoa area of that classic Swedish potato and anchovy dish, Jansson’s Temptation – Tentazione di Jansson? Okay, not really exactly like Jansson’s Temptation…

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