My Favourite Soup. An all year silverbeet recipe.

Francesca from Almost Italian has shared with us her favourite Hazan recipe in the form of a beautiful white bean and silverbeet soup…. or more romantically named: Zuppa di Bietola e Fagioli Bianchi.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen Leah nominated Marcella Hazan’s The Classic The Classic Italian Cookbook for this month’s Cookbook Guru title, I was in two minds. Don’t get me wrong. I went through a Marcella Hazan stage from the late 80s  and I believe she has influenced my cooking profoundly. I was studying Italian at the time and her discussion of things like the importance of ‘soffritto’ and ‘salt’ changed my cooking style. At the time, Marcella became my cooking mentor,- I loved the sound of the Italian titles; the two obsessions in my life, Italian language and cooking, complemented each other so well.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In those days I owned two other cookbooks written by Marcella. They preceded her The Classic Italian Cookbook which I don’t enjoy as much. So I am sure you won’t mind if I share my favourite soup recipe, taken from her earlier work. This recipe is a family favourite:…

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