The Cookbook Guru for October: Saha by Greg and Lucy Malouf


October has us heading back over the Mediterranean waters towards the middle east for the flavour palate that we have dipped into so much this year with Greg and Lucy Malouf’s Saha.  This book was the third of three that is loosely based as a trilogy of their travels around the middle east visiting the foodie heritage of Australian Chef Greg Malouf.

“In 2006, Saha won the Gold trophy for best food book at the Gourmet Voice food media awards in Cannes, France. It also took out the coveted Grand Prix award – the peak achievement of the festival.”

The tone of the book is written like a travel diary, filled with glorious stories of shared meals, experiences in the kitchens of relatives and friends and all along sharing recipes of foods inspired by and shared within the journey.  For me Saha is a wonderful book to share with someone who equally likes to read and to travel as much as they love their food.  It appeals to all the senses.  Greg is an Lebanese-Australian Chef who shares with us his recipes and beautifully constructed food, whilst Lucy (his former wife) is the writer who shares their travel experiences so eloquently.

For those of you that are not able to get your hands on the book Greg has his own website and there is many recipes published online as well.

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