Fragrant Salt

The first contribution for this month’s Cookbook Guru comes in the form of a fragrant salt from Sharing The Food We Love.

Enjoy, Leah

Sharing The Food We Love


From the moment I read the below spice list this recipe was immediately on my list of recipes to try for this months The Cookbook Guru.  Fragrant and not too overpowering in its proportions, featuring my favourite spice cardamom, I was fascinated to see what it would be like.   The result was something akin to dukka.  I’m sure its going to be wonderful sprinkled onto some fresh tomato or avocado, or perhaps even used to season my next batch of roasted vegetables. I haven’t yet to actually find the recipe in the book that employs this mix, but I can ultimately picture the fragrant salt generously sprinkled over some homemade labna (soft cheese), spread onto a piece of middle eastern flat bread and rolled into a cigar shape.  Add a glass of red wine and this could be a fabulous start to a meal of middle eastern style…

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