Barazek Sesame Pistachio Biscuits

A little sweet treat to begin the week on The Cookbook Guru with some Sesame Pistachio Biscuits from Greg and Lucy Malouf’s Saha.

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Sesame Pistachio BiscuitsI’m an unashamed fan of sesame seeds and am always on the lookout for interesting recipes that use them as a key ingredient.  Browsing through this month’s book for The Cookbook Guru, Saha, by Greg and Lucy Malouf, I saw these little treats and instantly wanted to give them a go.  Fortunately there is nothing out of the ordinary included in the ingredient list so I was able to whip them up very quickly and had delicious little shortbread style treats being pulled from the oven within the hour.

From first bite I can see why these are very popular snacks in Lebanon and Syria.  The texture was buttery and shortbread like without being too sweet.  The sesame certainly dominate, but for a sesame lover like me that is a welcome thing.  For future bakes I’d be very tempted to make these next time skipping the pistachios as I didn’t…

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