Flat Chicken with Broad Bean Crush

Broad beans are a vegetable that has facinated me but I’ve never cooked with them. Sharing in Lona’s experience here of broad bean crush based on a recipe from this month’s book has only increased to intrigue.

Make sure you check out her post.



Lona's in the kitchen

Another recipe from Greg and Lucy Malouf’s recipe book Saha  for this months The Cookbook Guru.

The idea of the broad bean crush was too enticing to pass up, especially considering broad beans are currently in season and plentiful here.

When we were kids (and there is 7 of us) Dad used to go to the fruit market out at Flemington on Saturday mornings and come back with boxes and bags of fresh fruit and vegetables. He would unload the car, leaving everything in the tiny alcove near the front door and we would go back and forth carrying boxes to the kitchen where my mum would start to organise things for storage.

As the box of broad beans was being carried into the house we would reach in as it went past and grab a pod or two and begin to pod and peel the beans as we…

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