A Tale of Two Soups

Take a trip down memory lane with the kitchen witch and discover the joys of this tasty (even if not so pretty) lentil soup from this month’s book of choice, Saha.

Enjoy, Leah

An Evolving Life

Many years ago and a continent away, I was given a recipe by a lovely American-Turkish woman whose family’s ethnic roots lie in Northern Iran. She and another of my husband’s colleagues had gathered at our house (then in the USA) one academic break in early spring to finalise a book they were writing together. For lunch one day, I served them a hearty lentil soup. This precipitated a fulsome soloquy on the splendours of Persian Ash or Spinach-Coriander (cilantro as it is referred to in America) soup. And, without further ado, this lovely lady reached for a pad of paper and wrote the recipe out from memory.


Since that time, her Persian Ash has become a family favourite, though I sometimes leave out the chilli beans and simply add a bit more lentils. I also serve it with a a dollop of thick Greek yoghurt stirred with chopped fresh…

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