Are those Mushrooms in my Dolmades?

My Kitchen Witch has added to this month’s feast from Saha with a beautiful vegetarian version of traditional dolmades.

Make sure you check the post out as it includes beautiful home preserved vine leaves.
Enjoy, Leah

An Evolving Life

In one of my library science classes (back in the dark ages when the internet was only just beginning to expand into everyone’s everyday life), there was a byword we were taught – convergence. It was said with such reverence, almost like a mantra. Of course they were referring to the convergence of technology – computers; phones; digital audio, image and video into one deliverable platform, leading up to our smart phones, tablets and the like.

However, the convergence I’d like to address in this post has nothing to do with technology. It has to do with the convergence of the following three facts. One: the cookbook club The Cookbook Guru is featuring Saha, the Lebanese and Syrian cookbook masterpiece by Greg and Lucy Malouf this month. Two: I am hosting a buffet reception for one of my husband’s colleagues and am in dire need of finger-food recipes…

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