Little lamb pies with yoghurt cheese and pomegranate (sfiha of Baalbeck)

Make sure you check out this wonderful post from Glenda at Passion Fruit Garden, recreating lamb pies from Saha, and talking of her experiences of the real thing from her travels.

Passion Fruit Garden


As you all know by now,  The Cook Book Guru this month is featuring Saha by Greg and Lucy Malouf.  At the beginning of the month, I went through and tagged a number of recipes, including this one.

I was keen to make this recipe because we recently watched an episode of Shane Delia’s Spice Journey where he visited Baalbeck.  In the show, he took a number of ingredients to the local butcher who chopped and mixed them with meat for the filling. He then took this meat mixture to the local baker who made the little pies for him.  This episode reminded me of our visit to Baalbeck, which was filled with drama.

We arrived in Zahle, a town on the edge of the Bekaa Valley, with the sole intention of going to Baalbeck to see its magnificent Roman ruins.  Our first request, when we arrived at the hotel (the only one in town), was for a taxi…

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