Chilled Carrot and Hazelnut soup

Another beautiful cold soup contribution to counter the heat wave we’re experiencing here in Brisbane.



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Chilled Carrot and Hazelnut Soup

When I started making the Pea and Mint soup earlier this week I got into the chilled soup groove and decided to give this recipe a go too.  I didn’t find this recipe to be as successful in its execution or flavour balance, although I would definitely use it as a base inspiration for making something along these lines.  First up the ingredients proportion resulted in thick chunky soup, adding a cup of water gave a much more appealing texture.   The flavours were very much dominated by the onion and garlic.  I would lend a page from the pea soup recipe and pre-cook them to soften both the flavour and texture to allow the carrot to shine through.  Finally I think that this recipe would work perfectly adding a touch of orange and I would certainly lean towards that in my next incarnation.

The idea of this soup lent itself…

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