The Cookbook Guru List for 2015

I’m very proud to pronounce The Cookbook Guru one year old as of the month of December!!!   From a humble beginning based on the idea of exploring the cookbooks on my shelf properly we’ve evolved into a regular group of bloggers who share and cook their way through the book of the month with passion and inspiration.  I feel honored that you all take time in your lives and your blogging space to focus on this cookbook book club.

I hope that 2015 is going to bring on some great new ideas and explorations.  To give us a bit more breathing space for our cooking or to get the book we are going to try cooking from the selected book over two months instead of one.  As in the past these books are not selected to follow the recipes slavishly, more to act as inspiration and add new flavours or experiences to your kitchen.  If you can’t find the book but have a recipe by the same author that you desperately want to share please

And which books are we going to be cooking from? 

Based on our wonderful trials in 2014 from the August Cookbook Guru I’m happy to share with you the following:

Jane Grigson Vegetable Book Original

JAN/FEB: Jane Grigson’s Vegetable Book

Paula Wolfert from Amazon

MAR/APR: The Food of Morocco by Paula Wolfert

Margaret FultonMAY/JUN:The Complete Margaret Fulton Cookbook by Margaret Fulton

the italian baker by carol field from amazon

JUL/AUG: The Italian Baker by Carol Field

the rivercafe cookbook from independant uk

SEPT/OCT: The River Cafe Cookbook by Rose Grey and Ruth Rogers

what katie ate from what katie ate blog

NOV/DEC: What Katie Ate by Kate Quinn Davies

I can’t wait to explore some of these books from authors that are completely new for me.  Some, like Margaret Fulton, are part of the classic cookbook fabric in Australia, others, like Kate Quinn Davies started out as a food blogger which should make our experiences interesting and fun.

If you are new to The Cookbook Guru and would like to join in then head to our what is the cookbook guru for details.  We are a group of food bloggers that love exploring our cookbooks and love having new members be a part of our conversation.

I can’t wait to see what we all create in 2015,