January/February: Jane Grigson’s Vegetable Book

Jane Grigson Vegetable Book OriginalI was first introduced to Jane Grigson when I purchased her ‘English Food’ from a second-hand bookstore.  I read the book like a novel, even though it was very much a cookbook, and loved her tone of writing.  She is informative but not overbearing in sharing information about the origin’s of food or dishes.  Even better, her recipes work and with a touch of nostalgia are easily adapted to modern day tastes and diets.

Grigson herself was an English Cookery writer in the late 20th Century, very much in the era and vein of Elizabeth David.  She published both in newspapers, contributing articles to The Observer from 1968 to her death in 1990, and also written a number of books including English Food (1974), The Vegetable Book (1978), The Fruit Book (1982), Charcuterie and French Pork Cookery (1967), Fish Cookery (1973), Good Things (1971) and Food With The Famous (1979).

I’m very excited to announce that Jane Grigson’s Vegetable Book is the first book that we will be cooking from to begin 2015 for The Cookbook Guru.

To be a part of this wonderful blogging collective simply post about your experience of cooking one of the recipes, be it an exact replica, inspired by or adapted from the book and make sure you make mention of The Cookbook Guru.  Comment on this post with a link to your post and it will be reblogged and shared with our members to be a part of the collective we create here in our little online book club.  If you’re not sure what to talk about in your post, share with us not only your recipe and food, but your thoughts on the book, or the ease of creating the recipe and what you may have changed or adapted.  There is no limit or strict guidelines to how you share your experience, each of us take a different approach and are equally interested in what each other shares from their kitchen.  Click here for more information if you’d like it, and please feel free to share this with anyone that you know that you think would be interested in joining in.

I hope you enjoy exploring this book as much as I’m looking forward to it, I can’t wait to see what we all bring to the table from the first book of 2015.

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking,