Jane Grigson’s Gazpacho

A sensation chilled soup for a Sunday afternoon session that takes only moments to whip up in your blender. Make sure you check out Jane Grigson’s Gazpacho from Sharing the Food We Love.
Happy Reading and Happy Eating,

Sharing The Food We Love


This month begins a new year of The Cookbook Guru, an online cookbook club, where food bloggers from around the world share their cooking experiences from the same cookbook.  Last year by participating I discovered new recipes, learnt new techniques and challenged myself with recipes that I had previously found too intimidating to attempt.  This year I’m hoping that I find my experiences with The Cookbook Guru equally as rewarding and as exciting as we take on a new list of books from suggestings made by our group last year.

For 2015 we are now cooking from the chosen book over a two month period to give everyone a chance to explore the books in a little more detail or perhaps just to allow enough time for everyone to find and pick a recipe.  If this sounds like something that you’d be interested in being a part of make sure you…

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