Too Many Leeks

Whilst the Southern Hemisphere is longing for salads, My Kitchen Witch has contributed a beautiful warming soup for those experiencing the colder weather. A definite revalation.

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An Evolving Life

Can you have too many leeks? I ask myself that question from time to time – usually when surveying the contents of my vegetable store. The answer is generally a resounding “no” as it is impossible to have too many leeks, at least in my winter kitchen. They are easy to grow (having done this in the past), keep well and are a fantastic cold weather vegetable. Some of my favourite ways of preparing leeks are a Spanish method sautéed and seasoned with sweet paprika and dried mint and thickened with yoghurt from one of the Moro cookbooks. Another is a Turkish recipe of leeks simmered and spiked with vinegar and lots of fresh herbs. Then there are French leek tarts made with lovely buttery homemade puff pastry. Or, simply the way my Scottish mother-in-law used to make them, poached with a cheddar cheese sauce. Really, the list could go…

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