Jane Grigson strikes back

This post is a true testament to dipping into cookbooks more than once if at first you don’t succeed. From a fairly average meal on all accounts from the last dish, Glenda has created a standout dish, this time based on tomatoes.

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking,

Passion Fruit Garden


I buy cookbooks to read, just as much as to cook from them.  I know this sounds weird but I am not alone.  Publishers have known people do this for many years and style cookbooks accordingly.  So I wasn’t that perturbed when I found Jane Grigson’s Vegetable Book to be more of a good read than anything else.

I usually try a few recipes out of each book.  If one is good enough, it will appear on this blog.  Once in a blue moon, I will find a recipe that I will make time and time, again.  If this happens, the cookbook is worth its weight in gold.

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