A blast from the past … if ever there was one.

Glenda has stepped back in time for this post and has shared with us a baked seafood avocado a la Grigson. Make sure you check it (and her gorgeous avocado bowls) out.

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking,


Passion Fruit Garden


It has been ages since I made a dish like this.  In fact, I am pretty confident it has been, at least, 30 years.

That means these avocado bowls have been sitting in my cupboard, unused, for 30 years.  I can hardly believe it.  They were a Christmas gift from my sister, Juanita, when avocado entrées were all the rage.  They were used regularly, at the time, but had long since been forgotten.

I can still remember my first avocado.  I was in Jammu in India.  I asked the lady who sold it to me whether it was ripe because I had no idea.  She assured me it was.  There and then, I bit into it like a piece of fruit and thought, “yuk”.  Notwithstanding this inauspicious beginning, avocados soon became a firm favourite.  I embraced the avocado entrée idea but never made a cooked one.  Mine were always served raw.  In fact, I have only ever cooked avocado once…

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