Endive, Chicory or Wilof?

Have you ever wondered what Endive, Chicory or Witlof was? read on to learn and make sure you check out a delicious braised Chicory at the same time thanks to My Kitchen Witch.
Happy Reading and Happy Cooking,

An Evolving Life

What’s in a name? I’ve noticed over the years that different English speaking countries have different names for various vegetables and herbs. It certainly makes it a bit confusing when reading recipes! The simplest explanation for these differences lies in their historical adoption into these various countries – sometimes due the various immigrant populations that either introduced them or made special use of them in their native cuisine and thus became associated with these foods in their new homes. It is an interesting hypothesis that might enable us to look at cultural history through food terminology. Already anthropologists analyse cookbooks with this in mind – adaptations and cultural identity through cuisine as well as food choice and preparation. However, I’m not ruling out any other possible explanation as to why the same veg are called rutabaga (from the Swedish) in the US, swede in many parts of the UK and…

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