Faux Waldorf

From cooked chicory direct from Grigson, Debi and My Kitchen Witch has branched out and tried a new version of an old classic, the Waldorf Salad. A definite delicious twist on an old favorite and a great read.

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking


An Evolving Life

After my recent so-so evaluation of Jane Grigson’s braised chicory in cream for The Cookbook Guru, here is my alternative using this veg in its raw state.

My version is simply a variation on the well-known Waldorf salad, named after the New York city luxury Waldorf hotel (later renamed the Waldorf-Astoria). The salad was created in the late 19th century by the famed Swiss chef employed at the Waldorf, Oscar Tschirky who is also credited with creating Eggs Benedict and a number of other culinary delights. He penned The Cookbook by Oscar of The Waldorf, published in 1896, available as a free download through the Internet Archive (just click on the book’s title for the link). There is quite a good photo of the author – a late 19th century celebrity chef – just opposite the title page.


However, Waldorf Salad will always be enshrined in my mind…

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