Kefta tagine with herbs, spices and lemon

Make sure you check out the latest contribution from Glenda at Passion Fruit Garden, this time in the form of delicious meatballs.

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Passion Fruit Garden


This is another recipe from The Cookbook Guru’s feature cookbook, The Food of Morocco, by Paula Wolfert.  I was flicking through the book (which, BTW, is fabulous.  If you are interested in Moroccan cooking, check it out) and these little meat balls caught my eye.  Maus is in charge of meatballs in our house so I thought I could kill two birds with one stone: sample another recipe from the feature cookbook and get Maus to cook dinner!  Surprisingly, Maus was willing – maybe, after a quick read, she realised making the kefta was going to be extremely easy – put everything into a food processor and pulse, then form into walnut size balls.  Couldn’t be easier than that!  I offered to make the sauce.  Luckily, that was just as easy.  

I can highly recommend this recipe.  We had a delightful meal.  It was much more exotic than normal meat balls or rissoles with little extra effort. …

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