Rose Gold Oil

As March is maturing we are digging into Paula Wolfert’s wonderful book The Food of Morocco. My Kitchen Witch has just shared another wonderful post about Rose Gold Oil. I think Glenda has started a love affair for at least one other member with this book. I can’t wait to dig into my recently obtained library copy this weekend and join in the fun.

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking,


An Evolving Life

I don’t think I am saying anything original here, but I’ll state it nonetheless: much of the magic of Moroccan cuisine comes from the spice mixtures, marinades, flavoured oils and other homemade condiments that make up some of the staples in a North African larder. It goes without saying that this is evident throughout Paula Wolfert’s The Food of Morocco, the book under review by The Cookbook Guru for March and April.

The most famous (or as Wolfert indicates – infamous) mixtures include Ras el Hanout, meaning “top (or head) of the shop”, a name given to a number of elaborate mixtures from a selection of the spice seller’s best (i.e. “top-shelf”) spices, or the popular hot chilli and garlic paste known as Harissa. These are now common ingredients in many kitchens, even though they may be store-bought and pre-made in little jars and tins. Cooking from Wolfert’s…

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