March in the Kitchen – Chicken Tagine with Prunes and Almonds in the Style of the Rif Mountains

Another gorgeous Tangine from one of The Cookbook Guru’s kitchens. Check out Liz’s Chicken Tangine with prunes and almonds and learn a little of the history of the dish at the same time.

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Chicken Tagine – with Prunes and Almonds in the Style of the Rif Mountains

The Food of Morocco The Food of Morocco

Just writing the title of this recipe transports me to exotic places. It came from a wonderful cookbook, “The Food of Morocco” by Paula Wolfert. This book is the March/April choice of the Cookbook Guru, an online cookbook book club. I have several cookbooks by Ms. Wolfert; they all have a definite Mediterranean slant and are all highly recommended. If you would like to read more posts inspired by the cookbook, click on the link.

She credits the origins of this recipe to the Moroccan writer Mohammed Mrabet, who lived in the Rif Mountains. It seems the people who inhabit the area are very individualistic and do things their own way. The technique of rubbing cumin into the skin of the chicken before cooking is not known in other…

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