Preserved Lemons

A classic and essential part of Moroccan cooking, make sure you check out this post on how to make preserved lemons.

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As I start to read this month’s choice for The Cookbook Guru I realise very quickly that if I’m going to have any hope of doing this month’s book for The Cookbook Guru any justice then I needed to start at the beginning. You see, we are spending the month’s of March and April cooking from Paula Wolfert’s The Complete Book of Moroccan Food.  It’s a new area of food for me.  I’ve dabbled in it a little with Claudia Roden in previous month’s but this time there is no choice but to embrace the ingredients of this special and delicious cuisine.

And as I begin reading Wolfert’s book I learn very early on, given its pretty much the first recipe shared, that I HAVE to have preserved lemons for any future dishes that I created.  I’m not a stranger to preserved lemons but I’ve never made them from…

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